Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huntley-Ain't Gonna Need This House No More

Bad Neighbor Brad Huntley and family seen in the
video ain't gonna need this home no more.
Publics employee Huntley has moved to new digs in
The make shift sign made from his trash boxes-
"sucks" is it referring to his house or his neighbor?
You know, the one he is seen harassing along with
her granddaughter in the the other bad neighbor videos.
Or perhaps is he referring to himself?
His good friend Brad Hardin

Seen here receiving an award for his work
as a greeter for the Unitarian Church.

Hardin seen here Cutting Brad Huntley's grass.
Hardin was after all the greeter for the
gay community for the Unitarian church
in Venice prior to becoming the churches trustee.

Hardin before becoming a social worker was
a Nuclear scientist employed by the NRC.

Hardin resides across the street from Huntley
at 447 Zephyr Rd, Venice, FL.

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