Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brad Huntley's Psycho Parkway

Brad Huntley was taken to family court by Pat Wyatt.
She requested that a restraining order be issued against him.
The result-Huntley was reprimanded for disgusting behavior
and no restraining order was issued. The grandaughter
moved to another state in order to attend school.
The video shows his subsequent handiwork.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Taliban's Father Of The Year

The Father in this video is teaching his sons how to treat women.
He is seated on the ground wearing an orange T-shirt with his youngest son Cory.
Cody his older son is on the skate board waiting for the grandmother (Pat Wyatt) to pass by. June Taylor the granddaughter of Pat Wyatt is coming home from school.
Pat Wyatt has to meet June and walk her home because Cody who attends another school harasses her if she walks home alone. Cody's father Brad supervises as his son in whom he is extremely proud commences to harass the women. I am watching from behind my fence and my security camera is recording as the events unfold. I eyewitness and hear the entire episode. See video below.

Huntley Update
I met Atta, Alshedi and Jirrah in the summer of 2000.
My next door neighbor Brad Huntley
asked me if I would train Students at the flight school
where he was helping his wife cleaning the offices. He asked if
I would give them weight training and self defense training.He mentioned
the name of the student that would be contacting me...
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